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August 27th, 2014

Online Auction PHP Scripts

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PHP Pro Bid

One program that will surely be most sought after on the web today would be auction scripts. Many sites from all over the world have been looking for scripts that can offer a similar flow that eBay and Amazon have been offering although to a different degree.

Ranging from bidding all the way to multiple payment modes, the various features that auctioning systems such as the PHP Pro Bid is surely something that can prove to be beneficial to both the owner and the market he wants to get over the web. Definitely something aspiring business makers on the web will have to check out.

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August 20th, 2014

Embedding Comments

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Now, to make you a better programmer we all know the value of comments. This allows you to understand the code that you have written defining and given meaning to operations as you build them up. You start with the terminators used by PHP and end with them as well. Single line comments look like this �// comment� and Multi-line ones use the syntax /* comment comment*/. A better example would be the one below:

/* comment

In the next post we take on the best parts of PHP which would be variables which is essential in all programming languages.

June 30th, 2013

Learning Computer Science Basics on Coursera

Posted by Hannah in Basic Programming

computer science 101 courseraI am admittedly a fan of Coursera and think that what they’re doing to help make quality education more accessible is quite remarkable. It is a disappointment though that I’ve been waiting for partner institutions to offer PHP courses for some time already, with no results till now. After all, their format would have really been a great way to learn PHP on a budget. What’s even more disheartening is that there are courses for C++, Java, and other programming languages, and even database courses! So I just don’t get why no one hasn’t thought of offering PHP courses yet.

Still, if you’re just a beginner, then Coursera shouldn’t be a complete bust for you. Signing up for some of their beginner-level computer courses like Computer Science 101 taught by Nick Parlante of Stanford University, should help you get your programming concepts and basic skills down pat. This is important if you wish to be a good PHP programmer.

So do invest some time and effort in signing up for some computer courses, even if it’s not on PHP.

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May 30th, 2013

PHP Now on Google App Engine

Posted by Hannah in PHP

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 1.00.28 PMGoogle recently announced the addition of PHP to the Google App Engine; a move that makes sense with PHP being one of the most popular programming language nowadays. However, according to Google, the PHP runtime environment for App Engine “is an Experimental feature in Limited Preview.” This means that while anyone who wants to can develop and test applications locally, “only whitelisted applications may be deployed on App Engine if they use the PHP runtime”. Of course, this restriction will be lifted eventually, although when that will be exactly is yet to be announced. Google is accepting applications from developers who wish to be able to deploy their programs on App Engine, although sending in your application is not an insurance that you will indeed be whitelisted.

If you want to know more about using PHP to develop programs on Google’s App Engine, you can read the PHP Getting Started Guide.

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May 21st, 2013

Tasks of a programmer

Posted by Hannah in Information

Programmers have varying tasks and responsibilities which depend on one’s chosen workplace and pursued specialization. There are programmers tasked to make new websites and programs that will be of benefit. These are often used for business and sales purposes which usually involve the company’s list of products and services, costs, and others. On the other hand, there are those programmers that are tasked to debugged issues and problems found in a device, in a form of technology, and even in the Internet. This kind of programmers are believed to be more experienced mainly because it takes a lot of knowledge and time to learn how to fix random arising problems in a given amount of time. Programmers could as well focus on inventions such as that of new software and new form of technology. In conclusion, it can definitely be said that the roles and responsibilities of programmers lead to convenience and undeniable benefits that almost every online user enjoys.

May 21st, 2013

Skills required of a programmer

Posted by Hannah in Information

Programming skills, attention to detail, and capability of working under pressure are three of the most important requirements of becoming a programmer. Definitely, no one can be a programmer without enough knowledge and skills on Programming. This is why it is usually a requirement that one finishes a degree related to such profession and better yet, took extra classes related to Programming. Another, programmers must have that long attention span especially attention to details. Knowing that a program wouldn’t work even if one code is missing, then it is a must that programmers understand every aspect of the project, what needs to be done, and more importantly, which codes are needed to make a program or system work. Programmers can’t afford to miss out or even forget even the simplest detail of a code. Lastly, it is a must that one is capable of working under pressure mainly because programmers are most of the time given deadlines that strictly need to be followed.

May 21st, 2013

A career in programming

Posted by Hannah in Information

Courses that usually result to a career in Programming are those focused on Information Technology, Computer Applications, and Software Engineering. It is actually a fact that these courses and related ones are the most sought after courses by incoming college students. The reason behind this are two namely the convenience and contentment brought by a programming career. Firstly, the convenience that it is known for includes the time required to work and the workplace involved. Usually, programmers’ tasks are considered to be convenient mainly because though they are always on-call, they can work in a place they find most comfortable. They are not always obliged to report to office if these problems become prevalent. Another is on the aspect of contentment. It is never easy to be a programmer knowing that it requires much skills and experience to successfully handle tasks and responsibilities but every work done by a programmer is worth it thus making one feel contented.

May 21st, 2013

The Demand for Programmers

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Programmer is one of the highest paid professions and as well as one of those that remain in demand. The reason behind this is simple. As long as the Internet and the online community as a whole remain progressive and needed and so is the need for programmers remain because behind the success of the online world are programmers that work toward making every aspect of it possible, visible, and beneficial to every user. Programmers are responsible for social networking sites such as the most popular Facebook. They are as well the ones that invent billions of websites that users benefit from until today. There are more to these contributions that make programmers even more needed. As long as those social networking sites, websites, blogs, and the totality of the web are being used as source of information and entertainment, the demand for programmers will always be inevitable in a society and with this; more and more people will strive to be one.

April 20th, 2013

Online Testing for PHP Scripts

Posted by Hannah in Basic Programming

coderun run-debugWe have already discussed how important it is to test your code. This is true whether you use manual testing or automated testing.

Before you test for logic bugs in your program though, basic syntax errors that will prevent your code from even running need to be checked. While these testing for these errors can be easily done on your own computer, there may be situations wherein you need to compile and run your code via online testing apps/sites. For example, you might be on the go and have to use a public computer where you cannot install a program. So instead of writing the code all in your head, you can just use notepad and check for your code’s accuracy online. It’s like having credit card when you run out of cash!

The good news is that there are several good websites you can use just for that purpose. You can try phpcodechecker, which as the name implies is a free dedicated Php code checker. You can also try Code Run, which can run a good number of different languages including PHP.

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February 26th, 2013

Automated Testing

Posted by Hannah in Programming

robotAny programmer knows that you need to test your code before it is declared ready. And while the coding part can wring your brains out, it is during the testing and debugging phase that things can really get frustrating. However, unless you want to be known for buggy programs, there’s nothing you can do but go through the testing phase.

One way to make your life easier is to automate the testing instead of doing it manually. This is especially true if you need to do exhaustive time-consuming test runs to run repetitive scenarios. Using automated testing will help you get more reliable results at a faster rate, usually meaning savings in terms of human capital and financial resources.

However, automated testing does require you to spend time and resources initially for the test programs are written. The more sophisticated the test program you need, the more resources you will need to spend on it. You can say that you need more than just basic programming skills for this. So before you do jump on the automated testing bandwagon though, you need to weigh the scope of your project to see whether you will really benefit much from automated testing or if manual testing will do.

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