PHP Programming 101

April 2nd, 2015

Marketing Your Skills as a Freelance Programmer

The popularity of PHP as a solution for websites with dynamic contents has created a huge market for people skilled enough in writing complex applications in PHP, covering a wide range of solutions. If you think you’ve got enough experience under your belt, you’ve probably already considered the idea at least once. However, simply knowing how to write good PHP scripts won’t be enough to make it as a successful freelance programmer. This post is a bit more abstract as it doesn’t cover programming specifically, but more general ideas that can help you get a better exposure for your skillset.

First, consider your weak points – this is crucial when aiming to be a successful freelancer. With a highly competitive market like the one we have, you simply can’t afford to lack in any qualification when it comes to writing PHP scripts. If your knowledge of database interaction is weak, you’d better grab a book on databases and dig in for the next few weeks – otherwise, that other guy who doesn’t write scripts quite as well as you, but knows MySQL by heart will keep getting the good jobs and you’ll keep treading in the same place.

Also, figure out what exactly you want to offer as a service – the applications of PHP are quite varied and this allows you to specialize in a particular type of design. Figure out what you do best and market yourself to that crowd – it’s always better to offer the type of service you’re best at (something which really shouldn’t even need mentioning, but somehow keeps getting ignored by many people).

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