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October 22nd, 2014

Automated Testing

Posted by Hannah in Programming

robotAny programmer knows that you need to test your code before it is declared ready. And while the coding part can wring your brains out, it is during the testing and debugging phase that things can really get frustrating. However, unless you want to be known for buggy programs, there’s nothing you can do but go through the testing phase.

One way to make your life easier is to automate the testing instead of doing it manually. This is especially true if you need to do exhaustive time-consuming test runs to run repetitive scenarios. Using automated testing will help you get more reliable results at a faster rate, usually meaning savings in terms of human capital and financial resources.

However, automated testing does require you to spend time and resources initially for the test programs are written. The more sophisticated the test program you need, the more resources you will need to spend on it. You can say that you need more than just basic programming skills for this. So before you do jump on the automated testing bandwagon though, you need to weigh the scope of your project to see whether you will really benefit much from automated testing or if manual testing will do.

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